Ascent Audiology of Chelsea is owned by Dr. Michelle Rankin. She is a licensed doctor of audiology, who opened the business two-and-a-half years ago.
“Ascent Audiology sets a standard of excellence in hearing healthcare driven by the special needs of our patients and our commitment to serve,” says Rankin.
“We guide each patient through the process of understanding the implications of hearing loss and tinnitus as well as treatment options that best meet the needs of the individual,” she says.
Rankin says that she is committed to making sure that every person who wants and needs a hearing solution receives the best product and service.
Chelsea chamber“We endeavor to make the journey to better hearing beneficial and satisfactory,” she says.
Rankin has enjoyed owning a business in Chelsea.
“Small businesses in Chelsea are well supported by the Chamber of Commerce, and there is a definite spirit of community, wellness, and service to make Chelsea an ideal town to live and work,” says Rankin.
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